Saturday, April 16, 2011

Me and my boy :D

By looking at my title and 1st picture,
you know I'm going to talk about Him

We had a date last week, on Wednesday.
seriously, deep deep deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep inside my heart, i felt touched when he made it here for mey. :)
that is because before Wednesday, i mean from Sunday to Tuesday,
he was right there,in Lang Tengah.
zomg,ya, in an Island. He was really busy with his Tourism-club-trip and stuffs.
so, from Cyberjaya to Tasik Selatan and to Malacca,
i guess he's really dragging his exhausted body to come over here. =(

he reached Malacca around 10.30am,yea,early. :D
still glad when i met him up in Central.xoxoxoxoxoxo!
the 1st thing we hunt for is food. :DD
I've never been to Simply Fish and I always want to try on it.
so,there we go!

but emmmm, i'm so sorry that i couldn't provide you a picture of my food. =(
he reminded me that i didn't take the picture of my food when i already on my way eating.
and i was like . . .
anyway, we went in to Simply Fish without ordering the fish!
i don't know how and why, we both did actually order for chicken chop, LOL!
i'm not sure about the fish,but the chicken chop was just normal.
but the orange juice is tasty! :P

shopping with him is love.
FYI, there is a Korean Food Fair in DP. those korean freak,you must really pay a visit! :D

thankiu baby! =P
it's really too bad that whenever we buy these junk food, we can't eat it together. =/

p/s : Korean chocolates tasted yummy too! :D

when we went in to Watson, I saw Liese. and i told him :
"I wanna dye hair but I don't wanna dye it."
and he was like totally freak out with my talking.
i'm sorry to be such a psycho girlfriend. LOL!
but seriously,i wanna dye but i don't wanna dye @@
my ori hair colour is already a lil brownish,
a part of me was actually thought of quitting myself from dying my hair.
but when i see my friends' dye their hair,my heart gets itchy. =(
that is why i wanna dye but i don't wanna dye.
ahh.bang wall!

told cha before, we meet once in awhile.
so,there are plenty of movies that we missed and we needa catch up.
and normally, we would go for Two movies in 1 day.
it's kinda become a tradition for us. XD
the 1st movie of the day :

a romantic comedy and i love it!
i think half the time while watching the movie,we were laughing.
and the storyline is good, so i never feel like falling asleep! :)

these kids play a major part in this movie.
they are both sodamn good in acting! :D
two thumbs up for this movie!

after movie, it's time to eat again! muahaha! :P
we walked all the way from GSC to Newton,which is next to the MP.
it's quite a long journey, but when you walk with the right person, you ain't gonna feel tired. :P
hmmmp,btw,Ikan bakar,Otak-otak,Chinese soup are yummmmey!

We walked back to GSC again for this :

Rarrrrrrrrrr,Daniel Wu!

if i were she, I would definitely go for Daniel! =P
a guy who loves her for years, and is willing to sacrifice/spend time/cook for her.
playboy sux ok! X)

it was a short date. we met for just not more than 30 hours.
heading back to each other's hometown on the next day. =(((((
lunchie before going back.

Zan zan!
his Big Mac and my Mc Chicken and another a la carte Chicken Nuggets.

chicken nuggets was my idea. but when i finished my burger, i felt full.
and he started to nag. XD

Our bus at 1.30pm, and both depart at the same time.
his bus turned to the right side,heading to the highway,
and mine turned to the left, heading back to muar.
awww.that is somehow so sad! T^T

anyway, thankiu for being right there with me,even when you're so tired! :)
lovies and huggies to you!

Taken in Central. :P

Till here,see ya! ;)

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