Sunday, April 24, 2011


has been helping siao to wrap all these lil thingy for around.. say 45 mins? X)
nah, you know, her business project.
she's nagging about this project.
but trust me, this may be one of your good memories next time. :)

Because for me, my foundation business project and degree cyber-p really are good memories for mey.
having a great bunch of friends around, planning/discussing/packing/selling and etc.
we argue, and then we learn to give and take. :)
this whole thing is tiring.
but emm, i think i enjoyed and it actually turned up to be one of my good memories,
without me realizing it. ;)

I am lost, find me back.
but, the question is, can you?

p/s : Something is missing? no?

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