Thursday, April 14, 2011

Home sweet home Again! :D

Ahhh. HOME SWEET HOME. :)))))

you know what, today was one of my worst coming home experience. =(
since tomorrow is the Malacca Historical Day/Public holiday,
the Central is full of people and the express bus tickets to Muar is COMPLETELY SOLD OUT.
So, wifee aka Daisyphan and I had no choice but to go for the public bus.
hmmp, i don't know how to tell you what kind of bus it is.
Anyhow, it is not the express one.
meaning, when somebody press the bell, the bus stops.
i call it a " Ding Dong Bus". LOLOLOL!
hell yeah, i think you get the picture.
imagine we came back with a bus like that, ding dong-stop all the way from Malacca to Muar.

. . .

WTH + WTF!!!

From Malacca to Muar,
it's just gonna take 45 mins if you take the express bus Or 30 mins if you drive.
but today,we spent 1 and half hour to reach Muar.
seriously for mey, it is still okay, as long as we reach Muar safely.
but emmm, the first 30-45 mins in the bus,
we were actually standing,since there's no place for us to sit.
that is somehow torturing.
My backpack with laptop is heavy and the weather is hot and the bus is full of people and I can't stand properly when the bus is moving&stopping.

PHEW, in short, I HATE DING DONG BUS! :(

but somehow, i still enjoy the journey with Daisy. LOL!
we laughed all the way since the 1st second the bus is moving.
so happy heh?
we can't balance ourselves when the bus is moving,
we can't stop sweating in the hot air-con bus and shared the drinking water,
we complaint alot about the bus yet I think we were still the happiest passenger on the bus since we laughed alot. XD
you just don't know how much i love my close friends. :)
even when my boyfriend complaint about me/jealous about my love to my friends,
i still can't stop loving them. :D

Daisyphan,i love to laugh like that with you. =D

p/s : I'm driving next sem, no more suffering! weeeeeee! :P

p/p/s : Next post is coming up soooooooon. stay tuned!

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