Saturday, March 26, 2011

I ♥ My friends =)

Well, I am free. TOO FREE.
and i suppose i shouldn't be so free.
FYP,yea,I should be working on my FYP!
but I'm lazy when I'm at home or .....

used a lil bit of my free time to look at the old photos in my laptop.
hell,i got tonnes of them.
and i realised i've met so many great friends in my life.

Shujing, Kailing,Yushuang, Yujie, Liyun
my kindergarten-mates & primary schoolmates.
We know each other since we were 3 years old,until now.
ya, believe it or not. :D

and her, my ahhwee ♥
my kindergarten-mate/primary schoolmate/secondary schoolmate/collegemate/classmate
believe it or not x 2

i just couldn't imagine my life without her in MMU! :P

Siao and Daisy or Daisy and Siao XD ♥

I met Siao in Form4 and Daisy in Form2.
she is now my housemate and she is now my roomate.
we're inseparable. teehee.

If you were my follower, you know i went honeymoon with my siao in the early of March 2011 =)


another friend of mine since form 2.
love her craziness & 38-ism. :D
she's in UTAR,Kampar and i miss her =(

Jingling, We officially became friends in Form5 because she was sitting next to mey.
miss our form 5 school days,alot. :'(

Jialing, know her since Standard 6.
and we went into the same secondary school.

Puileng, Form 1. ♥

You can talk Anything to her. No secrets, No awkwardness. Just being straightforward.

Ya,my life is sodamn surrounded by girls.
Girls school/Boys school is so much different with the Co-ed school.
No opposite sex students will be in our class.
we'll just have to be ourselves. no faking,no cheating. XD
imagine we did change our clothes inside our class.
you can't possibly do that in an Co-ed school, where boys walking around you! :P

When i came into MMU, i met this bunch of great people.

Housemates! Cheers to A0603!

PM11 and PM12.

i assume he's the leader of the gang XD

Eric and Jenn XD

Bernard :D

PJ and Horngyeh, miss them too =/

Andrew and his beloved

Weekiat and his beloved


ahsim,as monkey as always

as sleepy as always?

and my babes. ♥

so much memories that we shared together. you know i couldn't use words to describe them all. The memories are here,with me,in my heart. :)))

i did complaint alot about the heavy jobs, i may have regret of becoming a highcom
but i never regret of meeting them.

and the PEACE event :D

Zihui,Wanni and Winnaa♥

I miss them,especially Winnaa.
I can hardly see her around these days.
Miss our girls' talk babe :)

I miss my girls.

They are all my groupmates that i partner before/now :DD

and of course, those in Cyber,

Yihuei dear♥

Didi Lipsian and his gf,woots XD

I may have left out many people in this post.
but you know,i care about each and every of my friends.

some friends are just hi and bye,
some friends aren't just hi and bye, but they eventually are.
you two may have been friends for so long, but turn up to be a totally strangers 1 day.
you two may dislike each other for so long with no reason, but he/she turn up to be your best friend.

but trust me, we all need friends.
and you meet each of your friends for a reason. =)

p/s : It's random, so i didn't edit those pictures, hope you don't mind! ;)

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