Thursday, March 17, 2011

I love dating with ya :)


I'm back.
nah,you know, FYP is driving me crazay. =(
rushing all the way,just to submit a decent Chapter 1 to my FYP supervisor.
10 pages,yea it's hard.
but i survived ! :D

I had an awesomeeeeeeee weekend last week.
because my Cyberboy was here,teehee! it's a long time no see again!
right before he came,our results was released.
yea,Friday,good Friday. v^^v

11 March was our 21 months anniversary, say 1 year and 9 months.
the very 1st time that we managed to be together on the 11th.
you know i'm happay. :)))
movie of the night, I AM NUMBER FOUR.

Alex Pettyfer

you know my childhood dream/teenage dream is to marry a foreign guy.
Until the day that i met you. =P

I'm not givin' a movie review here, b'cuz i believe you guys watch this earlier than me. LOL!
the moral story of this movie?

you can only love one person forever, and that's it.

We don't have those roses and candlelight dinner on our anniversary night.
we had a simple dinner. Really simple.
we missed our V-day,twice.
but we ain't gonna miss this.

This is from mey.

awwww, i love his cute-lil handwriting!

omo omo, HEART THIS. =P

you know right before this,i mean before he gave his lil present to me,
i kept asking for the v-day present from him! XD
we were shopping in the mall, and i was like trying to probe whether he did or did not prepare the present for mey.
and the answer is YESSSSSSSSSS!
i know i should have some faith on you. i know you wouldn't forget about mey! =PPP

The next day, two movies for us.
yea it's crazy,but you know we missed alot of great movies,and we needa catch up!

This is somehow great too.

Scientist or Killer?
his wife or His wife?

the movie ends at the climax? @_@

He came on Friday,and he went back on Sunday.
the feelings in my heart fluctuate,Alot.
the moment he reached here,and the moment he left.
when i told him i am sad,and he tells me :

It's because you can feel happiness, that's why you can feel sadness.
It's because you experience sadness, you know what is happiness.

I used to be immature,and you slowly turn me into a girl who can think.
now that i can guess what you thinking! :P
I love and I cherish every single second when I am with you,baby.

It's a long journey from Cyber to Malacca.
thanks for always coming here for mey.

you know you mean alot to me.

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