Thursday, March 31, 2011

A great great day ;)

woolala,welcome back. a new update from mey. =)
i've just reached home and i'm tired.
thought of updating my blog tomorrow.
but emmm,you know,it's 31032011 & it's Andrew's birthday.
procrastination kills.
so,i have to do this right now,and i'll make it fast and simple. X)

The 1st group picture of the day
Our 1st stop of the day was the new JJ.
stonegrill for lunch,and my spaghetti with tuna tasted just nice. :)

taken in an empty toilet at Hatten Square.

T-Bowl close every Tuesday? =(

so we went to Wazen.
my 1st time been there.
It's like going into the food paradise of Japan
the food is just way too nice!

Sushi is a must-order item in such a Japanese restaurant.
so I insisted to order sushi XD

Japanese fried chicken,tasty like hell

3 of us shared the sushi and fried chicken together,yummmay!

my terriyaki chicken set.

All in, it's around RM30 per person.

shuting babe and me ;)

8.30pm, nadeje, secret mission.

I wasn't really so into nadeje last time.
but now, i fall deeply in love with it,deeply. =P

eric sheh

Bernard Lee

Kay Lim

Weekiat Ng

open your eyes BIG.
BIG enough to see what are they trying to do.

Angela Cheng & Nichole Pang

Wendy Heng

we girls,ignore me ==

Shuting Chow & Andrew Tong

Look at Shuting's face after our plan failed. XDD

we all showed up for him! =D

the waiter didn't give him a knife,
so he decided to handcut. LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

nerd andrew! XDD

Last but not least, Happppie 21st birthday andrew!

Enjoy your big day
stay sweet with shuting! :DD

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