Sunday, March 20, 2011


I know exactly what should I do.

Don't finger-point at me.

Don't be naggy, especially to me.

Don't teach me if you aren't any better.

Don't,please Don't.


I love my happy-go-lucky lifestyle.

I love my carefree way of doing things.

and I love freedom.

Most of the time, I am kiddy,jokey,immature and ignorant.

but when it's time to get serious, I WILL BE VERY SERIOUS.

so, please don't worry about me.

I've been and I am doing well on my own.

I don't like the feeling of being all tight up by people and listen to everything that you say.

Let me deal with my own stuff in my own way.

Shut the F-up and mind your own business. :)

Ops, I am sorry, I am rude.

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