Monday, February 28, 2011

Off to S'pore! :)

my hols is finally not a dull one.
i'm off to s'pore tomorrow! :D

teeheeeee,yes,i'm smiling big.
i just don't want to spend my pathetic two weeks holidays at home!
you know how precious it is,ya?
we only have TWO weeks of holidays,and it's just ain't enough! :(

heyhey,will be takin' the bus to JB at 1.30pm.
i should be in s'pore around 5.
UNIVERSAL STUDIO,you just gotta wait for mey! :))))))))

see you after 3 days,alright?
with lotsa pictures.
hah,do pray hard,for that. :P

it means see you soon!! ;)

p/s : CKY,do miss meeeeeeeeee! <3

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