Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bringing You To Hainan ;)

Went to Hainan Island,which is a part of China,last week.
8 of June - 12 of June.
just when i started to get use to everything on that piece of land,
it was time for me to come back home already. :')
and now,it's time for me to intro this place to you.
i don't expect you to read each and every of the words.
but if you're a Hainan-ese,
let's go! =P

FYI,we went to Hainan by the Air Asia airplane.
MAS do not have any flights to Hainan,only Air Asia company offers that. :)
and due to Hainan isn't a very famous place like Beijing/Shanghai,
there is veryvery few/none of the travel agency have their tour to Hainan.
Malaysia travel agency will offer the travel agency from Hainan,
to pick up the tourists when they get there.
so,we went to hainan on our own and
the tour guide in Hainan pick us up when we reach the Haikou Airport. :DD

being in China is new for me.
i didn't know that their drivers seat is on their left side.
so-Americans-style-lah~ XD

their car plate :)

okay,let's talk about the 1st day of the trip.
we reached Haikou airport after 3 hours of travel on the airplane.
Haikou is the capital city of Hainan.
the people there are mostly rich. :)
we settled in the hotel and went out to the mall on our own.
no tour guide at all,just us.
the 1st day is just all about Shopping! ;D


Girls love shopping! ^^v

pa la la pa pa =_='''

some of the products in China.
Right hand side : that's the type of Contact lens liquid solution that i use! :P

craves for junk we tried on Made-in-China products.LOL

okies,day 2 now. :))
we went to a town called "xinglong".
it takes around 2 hours from Haikou to Xinglong.
the tour guide told us that thanks to the express way,we can reach there within 2 hours.
in olden days,it takes a day in order to reach Xinglong! =O
alright,1st stop,river side floating/boating. :DD

Honestly,the weather is way too hot for me.
the sun is making me crazy. =X

1 and only family photo. :'(

my 13-yr-old muimui :DD

Enough of seeing the sun,we went to the coffee-making factory.
i love the smell of was real nice.

Spend hundreds of China dollars in this factory.LOL.
simply can't resist the nice taste of coffee lah. :PP
the tropical forest tourist site,next stop.

there's always a person to be with us everytime we visit a place.
she is nice btw.
a mom of 2 kid. =P

pro photographer?
Me. :DD

totally insane.

btw,i still look fair in this photo. T^T

spot me in my parents couple photo.ROFL.
mom,you look so aunty here. =PPP

selling teas. my mom bought some.
i love the fragrance of the tea.

checked into the hotel in the evening.
love the hall of the hotel.pretty cool. ;)

3 of us in a room which means Freedom! XDD

Day 3,Sanya City.
another 2 hours travel from Xinglong.
it is the city which organised Ms.World event for 3 years,continuously.
a very pretty city,trust me. :)
the city is full of tourists.
i love this resort the most.


OMG.i see a LIMO!
I WANT THIS!!!!!!!!!! -_-V

we went to another beach side on day 3. @___@
it is called as "tian ya hai jiao/天涯海角".
there is a story/myth behind it.
there are all natural stones there.
no more roads behind the stones.
so it was said to be bad luck as there is no more place to go,
especially for those with political positions.
believe it or not. =)

tian ya :)

hai jiao :D

insane twice.

next,we visit a temple tourist place.
it is BIG,so we need this.

i call it as a tourist car -_-v

surprisingly there are alot Angmoh in Hainan.woohhoo! :P

spotted my dad and mom?

the biggest Guanyin niangniang i ever see.

last tourist site of the day,a famous Beach AGAIN! =,=!!!
OMG,i'm freaking scare of beach now.
P h o b i a...! :(
this is why i look so dark right now. *sobbbbb*

Wendy ♥ KY :DD

Day 4,the most meaningful day of this trip to Hainan.
my dad finally met his aunt when he's in in fifties. :)
she is my grandpa's younger sister,91 years old.
we get the address from granny and some photos.
the tour guide helped us all the way to find my dad's aunt.
thanks to him,we found her.
grandpa and his bros came to M'sia & S'pore when he was just 15.
his sister was left behind in Hainan.
it wasn't that easy to find her,as there are hundreds of village in 1 place.
thanks to the photos that granny give us,we manage to ask someone and found her house.
she's still living there,with her family. :)))

my piece of work.LOL.

my dad's aunt's house =)

i see goose in the village

visiting my dad's cousin

back to my dad's aunt's house,a table of food is waiting for us.
they are all Hainan-ese type of food.

this is Sprite.HAHA. XDD

the young girl in the middle is My Cousin! :))))
i have a cousin in China!
she's 24 and she's a damnnicegirl i tell you.
chenyen,i miss you~ :[

XOXO,day 4 is also Our 1-year-anni!
woohhooo! :P

day 5,it's time to go back to M'sia! ^^v
our flight is at 10.50am.
tour guide brought us to the airport and we said bubye after that.
awwww.i hate saying goodbyes. :'(

Kuala Lumpur!!!!!!

see my name? =P

reached M'sia around 2.30pm.
it was raining when we reached.
love it. :D
i get to use the wifi in LCCT,i get to sms Mr.Chua,i get to eat the normal food!
Somehow,I love Malaysia. :)

the trip to Hainan is indeed a nice one.
i love countryside/village people.
they are warm&nice.
they help people without any intentions.
it comes from their heart.
money is just not everything for them.
they may not rich,but all i hear is laughter.

p/s : i hate using chopsticks everyday in Hainan. It makes my life tougher. T_T

note : it is impossible for me to upload all the photos here.visit my FB for more! :PP

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