Saturday, June 19, 2010

❤ Vampires

you've enter the danger zone. :P
alright,i gotto admit that i'm so insane.
done with another drama series which drives me crazy and get addicted to it. :D

the cast in the drama(from left) :
Elena,Steffan,Jeremy,Bonnie,Damon,Caroline. ;)

needless to say,the three important characters in the show.
the two man are Vampires.beware.

Steffan.The main character.

but this is the man that i adore. .

i heart Damon.
he's handsome he's cool. :P

Steffan or Damon?
you choose.

here comes Elena.
she's prettie~

this is another story about Vampires and Humans,just like Twilight.
only that it is a drama series.
got addicted to watch till the end when i started to fall in love with Damon! :P
awww,now that i've finish watching the Season 1,i'm craving for Season 2 now!
man,i've to wait until September! :'(

1 second before i end this post.
don't you think that the vampires in english movies are so different
from the one that we see from chinese movies?
the vampires in english movies are handsome/pretty and
they are living just like any of a normal human being.
they can be friends with the humans and go to school/bars/anywhere;
whereas the vampires in chinese movies are usually look scary and
nobody can ever breathe when there're vampires around.
LOL,isn' that ironic?
what a big difference indeed. :P

do vampires really exist in the world?
tell me.


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