Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's Gamma ;)

this is supposed to be my second week of study in my Gamma year.
but somehow,i feel like i'm still studying in the 1st week.
everything is just seems so new to me.
blame on me,i'm not in class during the 1st week of study.
i'm sure that i missed certain things in class in which some of them are important to me.
but no worries,i'm adjusting to that. :))

frankly speaking,i'm not that busy like my Beta year anymore.
officially saying bubye to Badminton club which simply means that i'm no longer a highcom of the club.
back in 1 year ago,this is the time we're having highcom meeting at night almost every week.
but now,i've no more burdens and am finally able to enjoy my free time at night staying in my room.
that-really-makes-me-feels-good. :)

switching to another topics.
my Gamma year subjects,they are making me so worried. :'(
CCT/theater class reading assignment due next week;
BOB/organizational behaviour individual assignment due on Week 4;
BIN/innovation midterm paper will be on week 5;
BEC/macro 1st & 2nd chapter are yet to be fully understand... ... are stacking up.
and i'm still working on it.
i don't want to screw up any one of it.i swear. ;)

17.06.2010 ; 1 of my bestie birthday,Ms.siao siao. :DD
i met her and became close friends when we were still in Form 5.
she was sitting beside me,on the left side.
you see,i can still remember it clearly. =P
and now,she is 1 of my housemates too.
i gotta admit that Time Flies without any signals.
it was exactly 1 year ago that we celebrate the birthday for her.
this is it,1 year ago.

and yesterday/just now in the midnight,
we surprised her again with a lil drama that eventually makes her cry!
who ask her to have Us as her bestie,huh?
bravo wendyheng and daisyphan! :P
she turns 20 today,a very significant day for her i suppose.
hope she gonna enjoy her big day as much as she can.
happy happy birthday to you,siao~
sista forever~
love ya! ^3^

p/s : shall update about my trip to Hainan in the next post.stay with me! :)

p/p/s : dad promised to keep some dumplings for me,hurray!! :))

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