Monday, June 7, 2010


07.06.2010 ; the very 1st day of my Gamma year. ;)
wow wow,time flies huh.
Foundation -> Beta -> Gamma.
I'm such a Old senior now. Ewww.
kinda not use to it whenever the lecturers call us as the Gamma year students.
it's just sounds freaking OLD! :(((
lalala,but who cares.
Ixora management thought I'm a freshie when my dad paid the rentals for me last week,
and the grocery shop attendant thought I'm a freshie in MMU tooooo!
ngek ngek,i'm old but i don't look old Alright! =P

got my results for the last sem when i was in Cyber.
damn ganjiong when Shee told us that the result is out and we can't check it! =X
finally we got to check our results on Saturday.
phewww,what a relief.
i got 3As 3Bs!
happy when my expectations were achieved. :))
most importantly,

Gonna say bubye to Malaysia and my Boy very very soon.
the flight is going to depart at 6.50am,and i gtg to KL in a few hours time.
happy as i'm going to a place that i never been before;
sad as i can't sms YOU for this 5 days! :'(

not sure whether He is able to read my blog or not b'cuz he has just moved to a new house in Cyberia,
and there is no Streamyx available,yet.
do hope that he can still use the "KHJ" to read my post. =P
I know you are not a good boy but please sleep and eat at the right time,okay!
I can't sms you as usual but please bear in mind that i'm thinking of you at All times!!
I did promise you not to see the boys in China,so please do what you promised me toooooo!!!

and of course,
thanks to Jenn and Hwee and Zihui for promise me
to help and settle my assignment groups,attendance and textbook stuffs.
appreciate your help wey! :D

okies,shall be away and get ready now.
see ya! =)

you know I MISS YOU.

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