Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hectic Lifestyle . SUX



i want my freefree life during the holidays BACK! :'(
am hardly able to breathe during this few weeks,
due to the uncountable individual/group assignments.
just when i feel relief as i'm now free of any club-highcom position,
the stacking up assignments make me feel so stress! :(((
as we're slowly getting into our majoring subjects,
i can hardly see my babe nowadays.
nichole babe,i miss the time sitting beside you in class. T^T

i'm now being pushed to a whole new world,
where i've to face&make manymany decisions on my own.
i join and meet new people,new friends,new assignment groups.
though i'm facing some issues/been bullied/argued with some People,
i'm glad that i'm still having good leaders around me.
they are just way too good to be count on.
nothin' much to be worry about when i'm with them. *wink*

skip the emo side of me,let's talk about some happy moments. ;-)
first of all,Nichole babe gave me some goodies that she bought from Taiwan.
i love the keychain with my chinese surname on it the most.
it's hard to find something with my surname you know!
heart the keychain lots!
thankiu babe! :P

secondly,it's Dominic's birthday!

10 of us went to Wing's Cafe and celebrate the birthday with him.
the night out was real nice.
it's good to be with those bunch of crazie friends.
seriously love them all. :)

lastly,JUSCO DAY!
xoxos,SEED & PADINI were havin' great sales last night.
70% and 50% discount make the ladies gone crazy.

due to the large crowd and messy situations,
i only managed to buy 2 clothes from SEED.
it was really hard to actually Dig the clothes from the mess. =___=
wave my white flag and give up on buying the clothes from SEED
as i've really no idea on how to choose the clothes from the total mess. =(
same situation happened in Padini outlet as well.
thank god that i'm still able to get 1 Padini shirt for myself.
clothes from SEED should cost me RM158 but after discount,it is only RM47.40
the Padini shirt should cost me RM119 in usual price,but i bought it on RM35.70.
i love 70% sales b'cuz it makes everything cheap! ^^v

IB night,IB educational trip&report,IB sponsorship findings,HR assignments... ... ...
all sorts of works are heading to me.
not forgetting the BOB assignment & case study presentation due on next week.
0% of work in process.
Peace. -_-v

p/s : i'm friggin not me stubborn.

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