Monday, June 28, 2010

Family is Love. ❤

ahhh,ignore me.
that's the desktop background that i'm using right now. :P
it's so pinky!

stay back in malacca last week ; as for the sake of Angela&Weekiat and You.
i was not feeling well during the bbq night already.
mild headache seriously irritates me.
it disappeared soon and i've completely forgotten about it.
but here comes the flu on the next day. =,='''''
due to the magic of Mr.Chua,the flu is gone.
and since He went back on sunday,the flu came back itself. =,=!!!

dad's phonecall woke me up around 1.30pm.
he found out that i'm not feeling well and i've no proper medicine here.
so he decided to bring the whole family to malacca and visit me. ^^v
they came yesterday with my favourite Vitamins C which i asked them to bring for me,
and they bought some medicine and apples for me! =' )
i love my daddy mommy!
lalala,they're really ganjiong about me!
that's so niceeeee! :P

my favourite.
this brand of Vitamin C is Nice! =P

my lil sis insisted to give me a pack of Nips even though i told her i'm having sore throat!
okay lah,i take it. =____=
thakiu babey.

went shopping with family at Aeon Jusco after dinner. *weeeeeeee*
after asking money from dad,i shop like a very/extremely healthy person with my sis! =P
sore throat and blocked nose never kill my mood on shopping.
i'm now having a new jeans,new formal skirts,new shorts and new shirts! v-_-v
thankiu daddy for your sponsors. :P

i miss my home,especially when i'm sick. :(
but seeing them yesterday make me feels better now already.
heart you two lah,dad and mom!
thanks for coming over yesterday! <3

p/s : BOB class ends in less than an hour.I'm free before 1pm.LOL! XD

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