Saturday, June 12, 2010

1 Year Anniversary ❤

This is Us.
the hand that i would never ever want to let go;
the hand that make me feel safe;
the hand of You,Mr.Chua. :)

the very first time we met in Cyberia,
the very first time we hold our hands,
the very first time we take pictures,
the very first time we give presents to each other,
the very first time you came over to find me,
the very first time you fetch me... ... ...
the memories are here,right here in my mind.

You changed my life since the 1st day we both got together.
i'm more mature & more independent now.
i know i've to take care of myself so as not to make you worry.
i can see how exactly a long-distance-relationship looks like.
Sms & phonecall are the things that we do to make our relationship works.
you are not here when i'm happy/sad,neither do I.
i'm not with you when you go for your dinner,everytime.
for once,i hate myself for not being able to accompany you when you say you're eating alone.
but still,i'm contented.
meeting you once in a while are good enough for me,
because Waiting for the day to meet you is something Sweet.

you are the one who can tolerate with my bad temper.
you didn't scold me for my stubborn/childish/blur-blur behaviour,not even once.
you shower me with all your love;
and pamper me to become a girlfriend who frequently bully her boyfriend. :P

believe me or not.
even when we've been together for a year,and we're already so use to be apart from each other,
i'm still so sad whenever you are going back to Cyberjaya after meeting me.
thanks god that i can always hold back my tears before we say goodbye.
i don't want you to see the useless me. =/

in front of you,i'm always a small kid.
i want you to take care of me;
i want you to hold me tight whenever we cross the road;
i want you to nag me whenever i do something wrong.
all i want is to see you worry about me.

you never grumble anything to me each time you come to Malacca.
i'm now finally realise that it is NOT easy for you to come over to meet me.
it takes time and it costs money.
Thanks for coming over to see me.
i'm so grateful to have you.

in this 1 year,you make me to be the most happy girl in the world.
you make my dreams come true.
i want my world to have you,Forever.
i want you to be mine Mine MINE! ;)
promise you to be a good girlfriend now.
angry lesser,sayang you more! =P

thanks for loving me and of course,

Only Y.O.U.

p/s : 11062010.Happy 1 year anniversary! <3>

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